Friday, November 11, 2016

Thoughts on Gypsy & Project 365 #11

NaBloPoMo November 2016
Happy Veterans Day.

I'm snuggled in bed cross-stitching and watching TV. I just got through watching a version of "Gypsy" on PBS. I've always loved that musical - I was in the pit in high school. It wasn't until tonight, though, that I realized that my mother was Rose. I'm not going to elaborate more than that on the Internet.

I hid or unfriended a lot of people on Facebook and unfollowed a bunch on Twitter. I can't take the hysteria or venom anymore. My life is not dictated by who is in the White House. I feel good about where my life is going and the constant negativity is not healthy for me.

I finally have a cross-stitch finish. It's Let's Sew by Ursula Michael. Not quite sure what I'm going to make with it yet. I'm gearing up to do a Stitch from Stash project for 2017 from a group I joined on Facebook. Basically, I set a budget for myself each month (in my case $25/mo.). You get credit towards your budget for finishes. Since I have my fabric for my Angel of Cross Stitch chart and a complete set of DMC floss, I've got plenty to keep me busy.

Cross Stitch - Let's Sew by Ursula Michael

Friday, November 04, 2016

My Father’s Honors Ceremony & Project 365 #4

NaBloPoMo November 2016
Today was my father's Military Funeral Honors Ceremony and burial at Fort Logan. I've been pretty strong though everything up to this point. I knew he didn't have much time left when I last saw him on my birthday in September. I've been expecting it for quite a while and was even a little glad when I got the call that he had passed as it meant he was no longer suffering. Sitting at the ceremony, though, I lost it when they started playing taps. As the next of kin, I also was presented with his flag. That was tough. I really am in awe of the service people who can perform that ceremony with dignity when those in attendance are grieving.

I'll probably go out tomorrow and visit the actual grave. He was to be buried by 4pm, but traffic in Denver sucks so bad and I was so exhausted, I couldn't face going back over today.

I didn't want to take many photos and be disrespectful, but I did take this one with the two servicemen taking the urn and flag from the car to the shelter where the ceremony was to be performed.

Dad's Honors Ceremony Fort Logan Nov 4th

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Project 365 #16 - Security Cameras

What does any self-respecting IT guy do when his house is in a totally different state? He installs cameras so he can keep an eye on the place.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Happy 76th Birthday, Dad!

My dear old father o' mine had his 76th birthday today. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner to celebrate where we got to finish watching the Broncos win over the Raiders. Dad also got his free scoop of ice cream while being sang to by a group of pretty ladies. Dad just loves people singing to him!

We also went off of Daylight Saving time today. I may have mentioned a time or two or three how much I hate this idiotic practice of jacking around with time. While it doesn't take as long to recover in the fall, I'm still going to be a mess for a couple of weeks. Lame.

I started the cutest little crochet pumpkin pie today. It's called Squeeze n' Sniff Pumpkin Pie on a blog called Crafty is Cool. Here's a link to my project page over on Ravelry if anybody is interested.This will adorn my desk at work later in the week. I was really hoping to crank it out today, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the whipped cream on top. My stupid perfectionism getting in the way again, I'm sure. I also got a late start on it because I couldn't find a darned size E crochet hook anywhere in this house and had to run to Jo-Ann's to get one. I know as soon as I finish this, I'll have E hooks coming out of the woodwork.

Sunday, November 07, 2010


I'm watching A&E's Hoarders show on Netflix right now. I've seen many tweets and Facebook posts by friends that watch these shows saying they feel like cleaning after watching. I totally feel that way at the moment. It also disturbs me on another level.

I could easily become on of these people. One of the psychotherapists mentioned that hoarding is hereditary. Both my grandmother and my mother were hoarders. It seems that a lot of these people had a big trigger that started the hoarding. I did start hoarding to some extent after my mother passed. I was always trying to fill the void by buying stuff I know I didn't need. I couldn't let some things go that were obviously crap because they had either belonged to my mother or had some memory attached. I would bring home broken stuff from people's trash that I found while out delivering pizzas. I thought I was being thrifty and saving something from a landfill, but I see now that it was not the case at all. Most recently, I started doing it with yarn. I think I finally snapped out of it and I'm better now and am actually purging stuff, but a major life crisis could easily trigger something again.

Monday, October 26, 2009

It Was a Slow Week

Knit Christmas StockingsNot much to report this week. I started working on some knit Christmas stockings for Marcus and me. I decided last year that I can no longer use my old ones. I made matching quilted/cross-stitch stockings for Marcus, myself, Ursa and Skippy many years ago. It hurts now to pull them out and not be able to hang the dog ones (I'm teary as I type this), so I retired them. I purchased the Knit Christmas Stockings book and asked Marcus to pick out which one he wanted. Of course he picks the most basic one and then picked red/green as the color he wanted. Not original, but that is OK. I asked for his input and I'm going to make what he wants. When they are done, I'll post a link to the completed project post on the craft blog.

Marcus and I are celebrating our 17 year anniversary this week (10/28). We continued our tradition of getting Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster to celebrate last evening. We had a really awesome server, it was cold and snowy outside (just the way Marcus likes it). We had a really nice time.

I realized last night that Mayor Tortimer never gave me my golden fishing rod for catching all the species of fish in the Animal Crossing: City Folk game on our Wii. Grrrrr. To say I was upset was an understatement. I searched forum and cheat sites trying to figure out why I hadn't received it. I kept trying to tell myself that it is only a game and not that big of a deal, but I was genuinely disappointed. I open the game this morning and ta-dah!...he's outside my house with my fishing rod. D'oh!

I started my Netflix membership back up, so I've been on a movie watching kick. I'm also really pissed off at network television at the moment. At the start of the season, I picked which shows I would DVR and which shows I could watch online and which shows I would just have to give in and watch live if I wanted to see them. I had a schedule with all of my bases covered...or so I thought. The stupid networks keep changing when their programs air and a couple of shows I thought had online episodes do not. Then you throw in a hour episode here that screws up the schedule or a season premiere weeks after the other shows start that I hadn't calculated into the fray. It's maddening. I understand why they do it, but it still infuriates me to no end. You can't even do like you used to — watch one show the first half of the season and then watch another show during repeats — because there is no repeat season anymore. Show a few episodes, a couple of weeks of repeats, a few new episodes. Never coinciding with any other show's schedule. Annoying.

Marcus rented Scribblenauts for my Nintendo DS from Gamefly, so I played that this past week. Interesting little game. I'll have to get that one day. I went ahead and sent it back for now, though. I've got other stuff I need to be doing instead of being addicted to yet another video game!

Well, it's that time of year to get the wishlists in order. I guess I'll start tackling that later today. The weather is supposed to be halfway decent today, so I guess I had better get the oil changed in my car before it snows again. Lots to do today, so I'd better get to it.

10/27/09 - ETA: CBS had repeats on last night — showing shows from last season. WTF is up with that? Why do I want them to show stuff that I may now already own on DVD? Lame! Network television sucks!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Overheard the man say to his friends on team speak as they play their weekly Call of Duty game:

"Classic rifles puts me in the mood for teabagging."

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wow, 73?

Today is my father's 73rd birthday. I know he doesn't mind me spilling the beans about his age because he tells everybody he meets how old he is. Looking pretty good for an old coot, eh? Just kidding, Dad, you know I love ya!

Happy Birthday!

My Dad at the Pumpkin Farm