Sunday, April 06, 2003

Grumble Grumble

I really hate daylight savings time. Apparentely, I'm not the only one that takes a week to adjust everytime they do this to us, especially in the spring. I wish we could get the dang thing repealed. In this day and age, it's just plain stupid.

Speaking of stupid, one of the drivers got her car stolen around 7pm last night. First, how dumb and/or lazy do you have to be to leave a late model car running two storefronts away from our business in front another business that always has seedy people hanging around it? Especially when another driver got his car stolen fromt he same exact parking spot about a year ago. Second, she had just got her car broken into a couple of weeks ago and had just replaced the stereo. Third, she kept her purse with ALL her money and credit cards in it in the car while working. Fourth, she wasn't making money drops in the store like a driver is supposed to and she kept said money in the car, not on her person. The thief then got away with about $200 plus credit card slips that not only have the full account number printed on them, but the expiration date as well. Fifth, the store has lost another cartop (they cost about $150 apiece). Sixth, she had just recently dropped the full coverage on her car insurance to liability only in an effort to save money (to replace the stolen stereo?). Seventh, she's now put the rest of delivery drivers in the area at a higher robbery risk because hers was such an "easy score." I really hope the store owner holds her responsible for the lost money. It's too bad stupidity isn't a punishable offense.

While I'm on a grumbling rant, I hate baseball preempting my favorite radio programs on KOA. Especially when I'm delivering. I can only take so much of the repetitive playlists on the music stations. Marcus said he'll put his CD changer from his truck in my car since he only listens to XM radio anymore.

One funny note: I went to take a nap about 6 (since daylight savings time screws me up so bad). I woke up 3-1/2 hours later. Marcus unintentionally surfed blogs that whole time (he started out looking for a hack for his Pmachine-powered blog). Time flies when you're having fun!!