Friday, November 21, 2014

Project 365 #21 - Colonoscopy

Had a colonoscopy today. Nothing wrong with my colon. Yay for no cancer, but BOOOOO! that I still don't have a reason for my abdomen problems.

Didn't take any pictures at the hospital as I had Marcus take my personal effects home after I checked in. I spend the whole day lounging with the dog in bed. I was told not to drive anywhere for 24 hours because of the anesthesia. Thought they were crazy and I was fine until I wiped out in the living room. Yeah, staying in was a good idea.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Project 365 #20 - Colon Cleanse

I've been sick since August. First I thought it was a bladder infection, so I went to a Little Clinic at King Soopers, was given antibiotics (which caused the usual yeast infection) and sent on my way.

Well, that wasn't it. I got worse. I had severe abdominal pain, a mild fever and bloating. I felt so bad one evening, I went to one of those after hours urgent care places. He said I had a kidney infection, gave me antibiotics (another yeast infection) and sent me on my way.

That wasn't it. They told me it must be kidney stones and told me to go see a urologist. I was given more antibiotics (3rd yeast infection), meds to let me pass stones, Vicodin for pain, told to get a CT scan and sent on my way.

That wasn't it. I broke down and went to the ER. Was told I needed another CT scan (didn't get the kind where they inject you with stuff) and was diagnosed with diverticulitis. Was given yet more antibiotics (5 days, so not another yeast infection this time) and discharged.

The pain didn't stop. Back to the ER, given yet a 3rd CT scan. The doctor said it was "good news" - it hadn't gotten worse. Um, OK, so I was given a more aggressive antibiotic (10 days, new yeast infection) and told to follow up with a urologist.

That appt. was a waste of time and money. All they did was draw a small vial of blood and told me I now have to get a colonoscopy in six weeks (now 8 weeks because they couldn't fit me in earlier) before they'll try to determine what's going on. I'm still in pain, still have days where I'm so bloated I can't sleep. I'm scared it's cancer or something. So, now I'm in for a night of colon cleansing for tomorrow's procedure. Awesome.

ETA (11/21/14): Colon is fine. Diverticulitis (if I even had it), has cleared up. I'm still in pain and almost out of pain meds (I've been rationing them for only the worst days). Now have an appointment on December 9th. I'm sure this will be yet another waste of my time and people can't understand why I hate the whole medical system.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014


I'm so tired of being in pain and our health system sucks.

There's been something wrong with me since August.

At first I thought it was the beginnings of a bladder infection. I went to one of those clinics in King Soopers and was prescribed antibiotics. After I finished those, I didn't feel any better - in fact, I felt worse.

I eventually gave in and went to an after-hours urgent care. I was told I probably had a kidney infection and was given even more antibiotics. I was called by the doctor there that my tests had come back negative for a kidney infections, but since I had blood in my urine, I most likely had kidney stones and should see a urologist.

I made an appt. with one where I was told I needed to get a CT scan. I was prescribed yet more antibiotics. The scan showed no stones. I gave in and went to the ER when those antibiotics did no good.

I was made to take another CT scan as the one I had just 2 days earlier was not the right kind. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis and sent home with more antibiotics. After 5 days those were gone and I felt worse than ever. I was so bloated that I could barely sit and could only sleep with the aid of vicodin. I took yet another trip to the ER, underwent a 3rd CT scan, was given even more antibiotics and was told to follow up with a GI doc.

I paid a co-pay at the GI for them to basically tell me there is nothing they can do until I get a colonoscopy, but I can't get one for 6 weeks. In the mean time, go home and drink Metamucil. The hell? So, I wait and wait for someone to call me to set up an appt. and finally had to call the GI back. Now I wait because I couldn't get an appt. until NOVEMBER 21st (8 weeks after my GI appt). So, I'm still in pain and bloated. Even after the colonoscopy, it's not like anybody is going to fix anything. I'll probably have to wait even more. Meanwhile, worst case scenarios and playing in my head.

I'm so sick of being sick.

Project 365 #5 - Nighty Night Tea

I bought a Christmas-Branded box of this off an endcap at Whole Foods last Christmas and while it doesn't keep me out the whole night, it does help me fall asleep faster. After the box was empty, I didn't think much more about it. I came across a straggler from that box in my cupboard the other day and figured that since Christmas stuff is starting to get stocked, maybe they would have it again. Turns out, after asking a clerk about it, they have it all year long, dang it!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Project 365 #28 - Antiobiotics Round 2

The Walgreens on Peoria/Mississippi is the absolute worst! I got there a little before 11 last night and turned in my prescription. After 11, I guess the pharmacist is the only guy working and he is the slowest worker EVER! Also, he kept stopping what he was doing to help the drive up. I'm sorry, close that damn thing if you're the only one there and make people come inside. Two (2) freaking hours for him to fill one stupid pill bottle. Since I didn't actually have these in my possession until very early this morning, this is today's 365 photo.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Project 365 #27 - Urgent Care Visit

Still not feeling good, so I went to Urgent Care after work. The doctor says I have a kidney infection. Isn't that lovely?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Project 365 #11 - My Suspicions Were Correct

Yep, I've got a UTI and now I'm on 5 days of meds. In a few days, I'll have a yeast infection, too...guaranteed.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Project 365 #10 - Losing the Battle

So, Friday afternoon I felt it - that weird twinge preceding a urinary tract infection. Sometimes overloading on cranberry keeps it at bay. Not this time - off to the clinic in the morning.

P.S. I really hate the taste of cranberry juice.

P.S.S. Sometimes I really hate being a girl.