Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Project 365 #13 - On the Road Again

Today we made the monthly drive up to Homestead North in Keystone, SD. It rained briefly somewhere along I-25 in Wyoming. It had to have been after Wheatland since Marcus is driving.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Project 365 #9 - Mr. T Worn Out from Bully Stick

Apparently, chewing on a bully stick is extremely hard and exhausting work, as evidenced by Mr. T this evening. Poor guy!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Project 365 #5 - Pouting Mr. T

So, I'm trying to knit at least one row every night before bed. Mr. T is pouting - probably upset that I'm on "his" pillows.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Searching for the Right Dog

Marcus has his heart set on getting a Jack Russell Terrier (not a Parsons Russell). Man, they are hard to find to adopt.

We met with a cute dog on our lunch break from work at the Denver Animal Shelter week before last. I fell for her hard, but even though it said it was a Jack Russell on the web site then, it was really a Parsons and not what Marcus wants. He wants the shorter legs, stockier body and it has to have a tail. I've noticed a lot of the shelters use the names interchangeably, but they're actually two distinctly different types of dogs.

I was eventually OK because someone had adopted her. Imagine my heartbreak when she showed up on the site again last night, newly spayed. I'm guessing that means her adoption fell through.

I want to give in and get her, but I keep trying to remind myself that I still really want another Alaskan Malamute and that can't happen until our house moves to South Dakota. I also have to keep reminding myself that, even though it is hard, I have to patient and not selfish. We can only deal with one dog at the moment and Marcus has a specific dog in mind. I can't ask him to compromise - that wouldn't be fair.

So, if anybody is looking for an adorable Parsons, "Misha" is looking for a home.

Misha - Parsons Russell Terrier at Denver Animal Shelfter

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Abandoned Bunnies in CO Springs

I read a post in my Facebook feed yesterday by the Colorado House Rabbit Society about approx. 60 white rabbits that had been abandoned by the the roadside down in Colorado Springs. It reminded me of our own rescue of an abandoned white rabbit.

I hope they find the jerk/s that did that. Not only were they left to fend for themselves, but there is probably a lot of inbreeding going on as a result. So not cool.

I wish I could adopt one as my little Flash could probably use a friend, but probably not a good idea.

Here's the story from KKTV in the Springs:

OK, apparently the buttheads at KKTV deleted the video.

Friday, November 18, 2011

THW Via Cup Poster

Another fine THW Golf tournament poster is under my belt. Hit a design block on this last night about 2 am. I already had the image drawn, inked and colored, but Marcus and I just couldn't figure out how to incorporate it into the poster format and tie in with the PGA Presidents Cup theme. See, they have their tournaments coincide with real golf tourneys, so we try to include some reference when possible. I was consumed with thinking about this poster and even my customary hot shower did nothing to clear my block. When I gave in and went to bed, I still didn't drift off right away and I dreamed about this darned thing all night. When the alarm went off at 7:30am, I had a flash and it resulted in what you see below. The guys seemed to like it and now they're getting ready to tee off for their matches.

I guess I should explain the poster for those not in the know. Via Banana Buzzsaw is the concoction that Marcus drinks when he's playing, consisting of either hot or cold Via blended with a banana. This weekend is the President's Cup and Marcus drinks this in the big Starbucks cup pictured in the get the idea, I hope.

On a sad note, one of my parakeets dropped dead while we were working on this. Marcus was standing behind my chair watching me color when there was a big ruckus in the cage to our right. Marcus is a little traumatized, I think, because he saw the bird fall and then close its eyes for the final time. Poor bird. I got the pair on Freecycle quite a while ago (their names were Luke and Leia - not kidding). I never knew the sex of the bird that died, but since it didn't lay eggs like the other one, I christened him to be Luke. I have no idea how old they were when I adopted them, so I wasn't surprised. Still sad, though. I hate losing pets. RIP, Luke.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Tearing Up at Hallmark

The other day when I stopped at the Hallmark store, I saw the cutest little ornament that featured a dog trying to get a toy out of a vending machine. It made me realize that this is the first Christmas in my whole life that I am dogless and my heart ached. I know I'm going to lose it when I unpack the stockings and see both Ursa's and Skippy's stockings (that I lovingly made) packed away never to be hung again. The sensible part of me knows that getting another dog is not the right thing to do, but he selfish part of me wants a furry friend to love. It's early, but I'm making a resolution for the coming year that I'm doing whatever it takes to get myself into a better living situation so that next Christmas, I'll have a reason to put a wrapped rawhide under the tree.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Kane’s New Home

A long time ago, waaaaay back before I even had a blog, a coworker at the place of pizza employment was going through a divorce and had to get rid of his birds. I was told they were parakeets, so I agreed to take them in. Well, imagine my surprise that one of them was not a parakeet at all. After a bit of research, it turned out that one of them was a Peach-faced Lovebird — not only an expensive bird, but one that has quite a long life span. Marcus named it Kane after a popular WWF wrestler at the time that wore a red leather face mask (we later learned it was a girl when she laid eggs, but the name stuck). She's been in the original cage that I was given when I got her. Marcus and I both felt it was a little small for her, it was a pain in the butt to clean and the plastic bottom was actually cracked. We had planned on getting a new one, but circumstances and finances had never aligned right for us to get her a new home.

Kane's New Cage

Kane perched happily in her new home.
Now, I need to mention before I continue this story that I used to be quite the garbage queen, especially back in my pizza delivery days. Many a day I would come home with "treasure" that I had found in someone's trash and it would drive Marcus crazy, especially when it would sit around being more clutter. I promised him a few years ago that I would quit bringing home other people's trash.

About a month ago we were coming home from the store and as we turned the corner onto our street, there, perched upon the stuffed Hefty bags, sat a huge bird cage. I excitedly asked Marcus to pull over so I could get it. He said I wasn't going to take it and I begged for him to please stop the car. He gave in, and even though it was raining pretty steady, I got out and snagged it.

As per my procrastinating ways, it took a couple of weeks before I got around to cleaning it up (it was rather filthy from a parrot or something) and got it ready for her. It was missing the seed and water cups, so I found a suitable water dish and a couple of new wooden bars. While I was out getting those, I saw the same cage at PetSmart retailing for $119 (though the model originally came with a stand). Score! I was feeling quite happy that I had snagged it for free! Well, we got her all moved in and it took a few days for her to get accustomed to the new digs, but she seems quite happy now and her old cage has since ended up in the dumpster.

I couldn't believe that someone would just throw a cage they had obviously invested such a chunk of cash in, but I am so glad that they did.