Friday, November 04, 2016

Fly to Denver and Project 365 #2 & #3

NaBloPoMo November 2016
I was up early to get to work early and get out of town on time, so frankly I'm exhausted. Nothing major happened on the trip from Rapid City to Denver except that the TSA bitches made me throw out my almost empty toothpaste tube. Figured it would be ok since it was almost empty, but they go by oz. marking on tube I guess, not is what is actually in it. Denver didn't make me toss the very same tube last time I flew. Oh, well.

About all I can muster today is Project 365 photos and I'm hitting the hay.

Here's the Chocoholic fabric that arrived Wednesday that I ordered from Polstitches Designs to do Joan Elliott's Angel of Cross Stitch pattern:

Postitches Fabric Chocoholic

Here's a view from the plane as we were pulling away from the gate in Rapid City to fly to Denver Thursday:

Plane Leaving Rapid City Airport