Saturday, June 16, 2001

Tired of Living in the Sticks

I took my Dad to Rosie's Diner for an early Father's Day dinner. It's supposed to be a replica of the diner that was in the Bounty commercials. I had a rib eye sandwich. YUM!

I'm tired of living in Byers. It's too far away from anything cool (50 miles to Denver). I'm tired of working where I work, too. I need to move back to the Denver metro area. It's definitely going to happen as soon as school is done. Marcus and I are both feeling the strain of 4 1/2 years of this commuting crap. We spent $450 between the two of us on gasoline last month. I could've applied for a contract position moving computers on Fridays and Saturdays for six weeks to get some computer-related experience, but Noooooooo, I can't make it work with my current work schedule and the drive time.

A few of my friends are actually graduating from CollegeAmerica today. Congratulations to TIM L., REVERIE K. & GENE F.!!!!