Friday, June 15, 2001

School Is A Joke

I cannot wait until I get finished with school. I have enough credits to get my associates degree, but since I am on financial aid, I have to stay until September 20th to get enough hours (or something like that). It's silly either way. CollegeAmerica Denver is the biggest joke of a school. It's purpose is not to educate, but to financially rape anybody they can convince to come through the door. I want to stand by the elevator and tell everyone who is considering that school to run away as fast as they can. I enrolled in that school for the main purpose of learning networking. Unfortunately, that seems to be the school's weakest area. It's a good thing I'm self-motivated and will probably learn it all eventually, but what a waste of money. A networking instructor even had the gall to tell our class last module that if we really wanted to learn this, we'd have to go out and buy some books (we don't even get to keep books at this stupid institution) and learn it on our own. So, why are we paying thousands of dollars, not to mention his salary, if we have to learn it on our own? I almost quit in December. I'm wishing I had now. If I was not so close to being finished now, I would definitely leave. Well, I'm going to take the next two weeks off. I'll keep studying, just not go to the building. I think I need this to be able to make it until September.