Sunday, June 17, 2001

Need More IHOPs

Why can't they put more IHOPs in this town? Marcus and I got off work at 10 am this morning, I hadn't eaten a thing since last night and all I wanted was an IHOP omelette. I love those things, but not enough to wait over a half hour to get a table. So, I came home and had a can of plain tuna fish. Yuck. No food in the house and not in the mood to go grocery shopping. I'll have to go do that soon, though *sigh*.

Why must dogs roll in stinky stuff? Skippy came in this morning and I swear I almost passed out from the smell. We had to lock him in the bathroom while we went to work so he wouldn't get the stink on our bed. The smell had worn off by the time we got home, but he's still getting a bath later. I have no idea what caused the smell, as I can't find what he was rolling on. Oh, well.