Friday, November 09, 2007

Marcus’ New Girlfriend

Every Friday night Marcus and I have a standing dinner date and our eating establishment of choice is a well-known wing franchise. This place used to be on our boycott list because the service and food sucked when it first opened. I don't know if they're under a new owner or what, but we gave in and decided to give them one more chance and we're so glad we did! The place is most awesome now. I'd tell you the name and link them, but after you read the next part of my tale. you'll know why I'm choosing to leave that a little vague. What's kind of entertaining recently is that one of the employees there has a MAJOR CRUSH on Marcus. Fortunately, I'm very secure in our relationship and not the least bit threatened. In fact, there have been many women who threw themselves at him in our time together. It's understandable since he's darned cute, has a great personality and the most gorgeous eyes (yes, I first fell for those eyes!). He's usually clueless to these advances and flirting and doesn't notice it until I point it out to him. Pretty much if you're not a computer or a mountain bike, he's not interested. Anyway, this poor girl is flirting and fawning over him so badly that even Marcus noticed. Sometimes I can tell it makes him a little uncomfortable, but other aspects of dining there more than make up for it.