Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Marcus

Happy Birthday Marcus 2008
Marcus eating his ice cream birthday cake
Happy Birthday, Marcus!

Today was Marcus' birthday. As usual, I don't dare divulge his age for fear of the wrath I will bring down upon myself. I've never met a man so freaked out about birthdays and getting older, especially since no matter how many he has, I'll always be older. To hear him go on, you'd think he was on the verge of geezerhood!

Yesterday we celebrated out to dinner with Mike & Nina at Chili's, followed by Dairy Queen ice cream cake at our house. Mike & Nina got him the coolest calendar they made via iPhoto/Apple using Mike's mountain biking photos. It's really neat. This evening, Dad accompanied us to the Texas Roadhouse for yet another yummy birthday dinner.

Since his birthday is almost over and I'm really late in posting this, why don't you head over to his site and give him some belated birthday wishes.

Also, today would have been my mother's 63rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom.