Wednesday, November 09, 2011

No Punking This Time

Well, despite the Apple Store being horrifically packed on our lunch break, the iPhone 4S pick-up today went off without a hitch.

I just got all of my data on to it and now it is time to play.

Since I have contracted yet another illness (I was just starting to feel better and caught the crud Marcus has), I'm off to bed to play with my new phone and try to get warm.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

At Least I Won’t Threaten to Kill People

I've got an iPhone 4S on reserve at the Cherry Creek Apple Store tomorrow. Let's see if I actually make it out of the store with a phone tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure if I don't, though, I won't go to the extreme the dude here in Aurora did this week when he threatened to kill the employees and blow up the Best Buy that didn't have a copy of Call of Duty that he supposedly pre-ordered.

I'll probably just cry ('cause that's what I do).

Friday, November 04, 2011

Punked by Apple

So, last Friday night Marcus wanted to stop by the Apple Store on the way home from work to purchase a new AppleTV for the bedroom. While we were there, he casually asked the employee ringing up his purchase if they had any of the new iPhones in stock. He was obviously totally expecting her to say no as they have been out of stock everywhere, but she informed him they just got some in. He asked if I wanted one and of course I said yes. We waited for a bit for someone to bring one from the back, but another employee came out and scolded our clerk for trying to sell one before closed. Well, we were there at 8:45 and apparently they stop selling them at 8:30 for inventory purposes. Man, I was soooooo bummed.

The clerk felt bad and told me I could reserve one online and pick it up first thing in the morning. The only problem with that plan was we were going up to HIll City for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary and check out other properties.

*sigh* So close to having a new phone.

Monday, April 26, 2010

My First eBook

My First Kindle Purchase - Fleece NavidadI finally caved today and bought myself my first eBook. I vowed a few months back that if a digital edition of something I wanted was available, I wasn't going to bother getting the hard copy of it. I'm tired of the dust they collect and the space they take up. I felt like doing to some light, cheesy reading, so I purchased the next book I had yet to read in the knitting mystery series by Maggie Sefton, Fleece Navidad (I'd put one of those Amazon Associates links up like I used to, but I can't thanks to the feud between the state of Colorado and Amazon). The books in this series are corny and predictable, but they're basically set in Ft. Collins and I like reading them.

I downloaded the Kindle app for my iPhone and the application for my Macbook and I'm all set. Reading on the iPhone is a little rough, but will do in a pinch. I totally enjoyed reading with my Macbook in bed. I do that while surfing blogs all the time anyway. Someday, when I've got the funds to get one, I'll enjoy reading on an iPad.

I hope that more reading material becomes available digitally (magazines, etc.). I know some people just love the feel of turning pages, but I'll gladly give that up to rid myself of the clutter.

Monday, November 12, 2007

New Mac Ads

As I was watching television this evening (I missed The Big Bang Theory, though, *sob*), I caught one of the new Apple Mac ads. They've released three new ones. The main focus now is the miserable failure of Vista and the release of Leopard. They're hilarious!

I will say that I'm not a fan of the new iMacs, though. There's too much glare on the screen and those new keyboards just feel yucky.

They finally released some Mythbusters on iTunes and Marcus purchased some. Yay! I'm watching one as I type here. It's one of the few shows I've really missed since we got rid of all but the most basic of stations on our Dish.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

We’ve Got iLife

Marcus and I ran up to the Aspen Grove Apple Store after I got off of work today and got a family license of iLife. He surprised me by getting me a year of my very own .mac account so that I can play with the photo gallery feature. He's the coolest!

We checked out the new iMacs while we were there. They're very pretty. Oh, and I played with an iPhone. Must. Win. Lottery.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

No iLife for You

Apple's iLife '08 was just released. Marcus and I were watching a bit of the special presentation on Apple's site during lunch today. It seems to have some really cool new features. We took off for the Cherry Creek Apple Store right after I got off of work and they were all out. So Marcus called Aspen Grove and was told they had plenty. He headed up there after he got off work and the employee on the phone was apparently smoking crack. No iLife for Marcus today. Boooo!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Monitor Burn In

I was rebooting my computer today because it was acting a little funny and I noticed something funky about my monitor. It appears there is some sort of burn in or something along the top. It's not because I don't use a screensaver, either. Damn it! Luckily Marcus purchased a two year warranty for the thing, so I hope they'll either fix or replace it. It's not really in the way of anything as it's at the top where the menu bar is, but's a freaking expensive Apple display. *sigh*

Edit: OK, after some research, we're wondering if it is caused by the magnetic iSight stand I have on top of my monitor. We'll see if not using that stand near the monitor for a bit fixes things.