Thursday, June 17, 2010

Already Taken

When I picked my Ravelry username a few years ago, I had many monikers I used on the Internets. Since then, I've dropped most of the others and am just DomesticGeek most places. I saw that I could change my Ravelry username, so I typed in DomesticGeek and found that someone else already had it. Somebody who signed up AFTER me. *sigh* I have a Google Alert set up to tell me when it finds the phrase "Domestic Geek". I used to be that I only got hits for my own stuff. Now there are 3 other bloggers that I get returns for. It's weird. At first I was a little insulted. I was like, "How dare you use my name!" But, seriously, cyberspace is a huge place and there is room for all. I can't sign up for everything out there just to make sure any time you see DomesticGeek on the web that it is me. It's still weird, though. Kind of like digital doppelgangers. If you're curious about the others, just Google Domestic Geek.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Knitting is a Priviledge

As seen on the Mo Rocca eats some crow and learns to knit.