Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Bad Part of His Job

Marcus just left to go into work. This is the one aspect of his job that I hate: He's the only IT guy for our company. Unfortunately the network decided to take a dump tonight and he couldn't fix it from home like the other 99% of the times there is a problem, so he has to drive in or else the overnight prepress staff can't do any work. What really sucks is that I don't sleep well when he's not in the house, so I'll be up late tonight. It's times like these that I wished we lived only 5 minutes or so from work instead of a half hour. I hope he can resolve the problem quickly and hurry home.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mother’s Day Flowers

With Mother's Day right around the corner, this time of year always makes me think about my mom. It's been 11 years since she passed away. I remember my mother always loved getting carnations for Mother's Day. She thought that they were less pretentious than roses and they lasted longer. They also have a lighter smell and there are no thorns. It turns out that they were the appropriate flower for her as carnations are the flower of her birthday month (she was born in January). I guess since she loved them so much that's why carnations are one of my favorite flowers, as well. I really love mixed flower bouquets, though; especially arrangements with lilies and irises in them. I love variety and color.

I keep seeing ads for ProFlowers and wish that she was still around so that I could send her some. Since the flowers are delivered fresh from the fields, they would last even longer than those I used to bring home from the grocery store for her. Did you know that you can support breast cancer research when you order certain floral arrangements from ProFlowers? They have a line called The Pink Ribbon Collection, 10% of the sale price going to The Komen Foundation.

Speaking of flowers, the lilac bushes outside should be blooming soon. I love how the smell of fresh lilacs just fills the house.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

He Loves Me

I'm cleaning off stuff off my desktop since it's getting a little cluttered and I found this cute little screenshot of an IM I was having with Marcus a while back. I just had to share:

IM with Marcus Screenshot

Why am I getting visions of the movie Ghost in my head? lol

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Goodbye My Friend

Our Beloved Dog, Skippy

1992 – 2007
Faithful Companion and Loving Friend

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Marcus is One Sick Puppy

I totally forgot to mention before that Marcus is sick. He's been running a pretty good fever for the last couple of days and hacking up lungs. He hardly ever gets sick. We're supposed to go get our Christmas tree tomorrow, but I don't want him tramping around in the snowy woods if he's still feverish. I've been pumping vitamin C into us both because I really don't want to catch what he's got. It always takes me way longer to kick a bug than it does for him.

The dog not letting us get a full night's sleep is not helping. He keeps falling down on the linoleum and then he can't get back up. A couple of nights ago, Marcus woke to him screaming. He had gotten into the back bathroom and couldn't get out. When I tried to pick him up, he tried to get away from me by climbing into the tub. Last night I found him crying behind his water bowl. I keep trying to put up blockades to keep him on the carpet at night, but he's peristent that he has to be on the linoleum. He's driving me batty. I've been trying to keep him awake most of the day so hopefully he won't do his nightly wandering and sleep through the night.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tech Pilgrim

iPod PilgrimHey, look...I finally finished Marcus' Thanksgiving graphic the day before yesterday for his site. I present the iPod Pilgrim, actually making an appearance before the holiday. It's not my best work, but it didn't come out too bad. This is the third in a series I've made for his sidebar. As soon as he gets me his idea, I promised to make him one for Christmas. I told him he should start a little archive of all of the little guys somewhere on his site to save them for posterity.

In other web news, I've got to find out why my freaking site is loading so danged slow. I'm absolutely sick of this.

The Barenaked Ladies are in town tonight. I had really hoped I could've found a way to score some tickets, but no such luck. *sigh* Next time they are in town I will see them!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Katana Swords

Marcus is fascinated with katana swords. I think I first noticed his interest after the Matrix Reloaded came out. There was definitely some impressive sword fighting in that movie. After Kill Bill came out, though, I knew he was hooked. It seemed all he could talk about for weeks was how awesome of a sword the katana was. He has even expressed an interest in getting a couple of swords so that he can take classes to learn how to use them. Because of monetary issues, I haven't been able to get him one for a gift as I had intended to do back then. I'd still really like to surprise him with one someday. Maybe I could get him a sword stand as well so that we could display it on our mantle. That would be cool.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Our Song

One song I didn't include in this week's Thursday Thirteen list is Marcus' and my song. It's by Bad Company called "How About That" from the album Here Comes Trouble. It was in the rotation on 106.7 KAZY when Marcus and I first got together in 1992. Sadly, not too many people remember it. In fact, on the official Bad Company site, they don't even list the album on the discography page.

As I read through the lyrics, it strikes me how much this is still "our song" today after 14 years together. Marcus and I truly are best friends. I can't speak for him, but the room still brightens up for me the minute I catch a glimpse of him. We enjoy spending time together, but we still understand that each of us needs our own space to be ourselves. We could've have picked a better song back then.

Anyway, here it is if you want to hear it:

Bad Company - "How About That"

How About That
by Bad Company

Last night, when the moon was new, I couldn't sleep, I was thinkin' of you
And how much I need ya, how about that

I act like I'm tougher than steel
With a heart like a stone, but you know it ain't real
I need you baby, how about that, hey

Oooh, how about that

I used to spend my life on the town, it took your lovin' to turn me around
I'm crazy about you, how about that

People used to tell ya I'm a crazy fool
But you taught me more than I could learn in school, I say
I really need ya, baby, how about that

If ever you need time and space
Don't run away, just tell me face to face, yeah

Oooh, how about that, how 'bout that, oooh, how about that, baby
Oooh, how about that, yeah alright, oh baby


When I think back of how it used to be, before we met it's just a mystery
I can't live without you, no, how about that

And you got my heart and you got my soul
Ooh you got my whole life under control
Looks like we made it, yeah, how about that, ooh yeah

And everytime I see your face, it lightens up the whole damn place
Yeah, I wanna see this whole thing through
Yeah, there's nothing I won't do for you, oh yeah

Oooh, how about that, how 'bout it, baby
Oooh, how about that, yeah, t-tell me
Oooh, how about that, how 'bout it, baby, oooh, yeah

Last night, when the moon was new
I couldn't sleep, I was there, lookin' at you
Yeah I'm glad that I found you, how about that, hey

Everytime I see your face, it lightens up the whole damn place
Yeah, I wanna see this whole thing through
Yeah, I wanna spend my life with you, oh yeah

Oooh, how about that, hey, how 'bout it baby
Oooh, how about that, t-tell me
Oooh, how about that, tell me baby
Oooh, how about that, baby yeah
Oooh, hey how about that, how about that, how about it baby
Oooh, yeah how about that, oh, oh...