Sunday, November 18, 2007

What a Pain

I've been slowly trying to get configured so that it can go live on December 1. It sucks when you've got your blog home set up the way you like it and can't remember every step and configuration you made to get it to the point you are now on a new server on an updated version of your CMS. Marcus got me EE 1.6 a while back and I installed it over there, figuring I'd be up and running there soon. Ha! All those little tweaks I made here and there over the years are now a necessary part of my blog operation and I can't remember what I did or how I got there. I'm documenting everything from here on out.

Man, it's only a little after 8 and I'm pooped. Dad and I got our shopping done. It was a bit of a pain, though. We headed out at 7:30 am and thought the store would be empty. The King Soopers over in Green Valley Ranch is the one at which he likes to do our feast shopping. The place was full of shoppers. Also, either people on their night crew called in or their truck got in late, because there was merchandise all over the place that needed to be put on the shelves. They were out of Honeysuckle White turkeys, so we left turkeyless. Dad had to open up a carton on a cart to get me some cream cheese for the cheesecake. The bake aisle was so jammed up that you couldn't even get a cart down it. I went out later and after hitting a couple of King Soopers and not finding a turkey, gave in and went to a Safeway. It still wasn't as big as I'd liked (I usually cook a bird upwards of 25 lbs to get the most leftovers possible), but it was a HW and was 20 lbs. I'll deal.

We got part of the Christmas lights up, but there were two sets that are toast. I'll have to pick up a couple of strings at Hobby Lobby this week so I can finish up.

I haven't started my table runner yet. I can't find the fabric I know I have that was to be the background color or the fabric I was going to use for the backing. I think I might know where they are, but I'm too pooped to look tonight. I also found out the blade in my rotary cutter is super dull. While I'm at Hobby Lobby, I'll have to get a replacement blade.

Since I can barely keep my eyes open, I'm off to bed. It's going to be a busy week and I'm not going to skimp on sleep and risk getting sick.