Saturday, May 06, 2017

This So Blows

I used to be really good at web coding and design. That almost 10 year stint I did at the print shop and not using the skills made me freaking rusty. I thought when I got my current job that I'd be able to start getting them back in shape as in the interview they seemed really pumped that I had web skills. Well, they had hired a web company before I got there and I have no access to the back end (something that I can't seem to make them understand). It's irritating when they'd ask me to try to do something on the web site and I'd have to explain again and again that they'd have to call the developer as I had no password to access the core of their site.

For reasons I can't go into on a public forum, I need to get my skill set back. My poor site here has been broken because I hadn't upgraded EE in so long that when Marcus upgraded his servers to the latest PHP, everything here was broken. I'm back up enough that I hope this will post...we'll see here in a bit. PHP has changed, Expression Engine has changed, even HTML changed (I have no experience whatsoever with HTML5). It's going to be a challenge, but I will relearn all this.

ETA: OK, my little mood guys are broken, but at least I can post. That's a start...