Monday, November 14, 2016

Random Monday Thoughts

NaBloPoMo November 2016

OK, my new employers apparently don't believe in providing heat. It's always super cold in there on Mondays and today I was so cold that I never warmed up. I tried running the heater in my car during lunch. I had the heater raging on the drive home. No luck - once I get chilled to the core, it takes me a long time to finally get warm. I felt like such crap when I got home, that I turned up the heating mattress pad and crawled into bed. I don't know when I dozed off, but I finally woke up around 10pm somewhat warm.

I'm either going to have to invest in some kind of electric hand warmers or something. It's only November and it really hasn't even gotten that cold yet. I can't take a whole winter of freezing every danged day.

I was in a mood today, anyway. Wonder if it was the full moon, in addition to the fact I was freezing. Things were really irritating me today, especially the office manager of one of our clients. She got bent because I told her it would cost extra money for me to take their black and white ad (for the paper) and remake it color for their office use. She thought since they were paying for the ad, I should just do it. Um, you didn't pay the extra for a color ad. GRRRR! I was already miffed at her because I did exactly what she asked me to over the phone to change this week's ad, but when she saw a proof, she said that's not what she had in mind. Um, how about spelling out in writing what it is you want? You have email. *Sigh* This is why I can't make it as a freelance graphic artist. I would've cut her loose weeks ago. Oh, well. It's still better than working my last job (not that I wouldn't bolt in a heartbeat if I won the lottery).

Wish I could find my other size 7 knitting needles. I'm sure they're probably in a project somewhere. This is one of the things I'm not thrilled about this area. There are no more knitting stores and there are no cross-stitch stores. Sure, there is the Internet, but sometimes you just want to go browse. Oh, theory I will spend less money that way, right? LOL

I wonder if mammogram machines really do give some people cancer. There's a woman I watch on YouTube every week that was mentioning how she went in yearly for her test. She's got cancer now and her doctor even mentioned that there was a spot she had been concerned about the last couple of times. I know there are studies out there that say they do. We all know I detest the medical profession and wouldn't doubt that this is just one more avenue to make sure they have patients.

They say we're getting our first measurable snow at the end of the week. I'm really not looking forward to driving to and from Custer in the snow. It's one of the misgivings I had about taking the job. Guess that time is here now.

I'll post my 365 picture tomorrow - I don't feel like transferring from my phone tonight. I'm going back to bed. Hope I feel better in the morning.