Wednesday, February 15, 2012

iExpression iPhone App

When I upgraded my Expression Engine install to 2.x a while back, my iBlogger app on my phone no longer worked. I was bummed, but not overly concerned as I had fallen off my blogging wagon anyway. Well, I've been itching to blog again, especially when I'm stuck at work waiting for Marcus to finish his work. The last thing I want to do is post to my personal blog from my work computer. Even though I'm on really good terms with the IT guy, I don't want to cross that line. It is bad enough that I surf Ravelry after my shift is over.

I was doing some research one night while I was waiting because I really need to fix some structural things that broke when I upgraded last. I have a new upgrade waiting to install, so I decided now is the time to work on this.

Anyway, I came across a link for an app that is supposed to be EE 2 compatible and I bought it.

Except for a small hiccup because I misread the path where modules need to be installed, it is working so far! I'll read the documentation in more depth tomorrow to see what all I can do, but it is working and I'm feeling quite proud of myself.

On that note, I'm heading off to bed. Now, sleeping might be another story as the construction on I-225 is in full gear again tonight. You would think there would be noise regulations that would prohibit how loud they are being.