Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Hate NBC

I think I'm going to join Marcus in his boycott of NBC. I hit the NBC site today trying to find out why they aren't showing Law & Order: Criminal Intent anymore. I figured since they're showing L&O: SVU twice during the week that it must've been canceled. Nope, they're showing it "exclusively" on USA now. Why? How freaking stupid. They don't show any of the L&O shows on their site. Since Marcus and I downgraded our satellite to basic and since NBC/Universal (including the USA Network) is no longer putting content on iTunes, I don't have the ability to see it. I also can't get new Psych or Monk episodes once their contract with Apple expires. We can't complete the library of The Office episodes we were buying. We can't torrent everything because Comcast is cracking down on that. This is so lame.

One more reason why this country needs ala carte cable and satellite programming. I'm willing to pay for USA, Comedy Central, perhaps The Discovery Channel. I DON'T WANT Spanish-speaking stations, shopping channels, religious programming or the rest of the crap that gets bundled into the available packages. I would have gotten TBS, too, so that I could've watched the Rockies sweep the Diamondbacks these last four games instead of listening on the radio and watching the Gameday window on MLB.com. Does TBS have the exclusive contract for the World Series, too?

On a related note, I'm getting sick of network television in general. The only four shows so far this season that I'm digging is Ugly Betty, The Ghost Whisperer, The Big Bang Theory and The Office. Of course, an NBC boycott will drop The Office from my schedule. They're ruining the Vegas CSI and CSI: Miami by putting too much relationship crap into the story lines. Two and a Half Men is just pathetic. The dysfunction was funny for a couple of seasons — now it is just tired and sad. The same can be said for How I Met Your Mother. Caveman just sucked. I can do without Heroes this season, too. I did kind of enjoy that show Pushing Daisies last week, but I'm not sure if I could stomach that style every week, though.

The good news is that our PVR doesn't fill up very fast anymore. I'm certainly spending a lot less time camped out in front of the television.