Friday, May 20, 2011

Blasting the New World

As Marcus and I were heading to work yesterday morning, I exited I-25 at University and as we pulled up to the light, we heard something out of the ordinary. I rolled down to get a better listen I'll be darned if the driver of the Lexus in front of us wasn't listening to classical music at full volume. It was delightful and a welcome change to the rap/hip hop crap you usually hear from other vehicles these days. What sucks is, I am so out of the music loop that I knew I had played the piece on several occasions, but couldn't place it from the old memory files. I had planned to look it up at work, but by the time I got there, the usual stupid drama was in full effect and I never got to it. By the time I had time to look it up, the tune had escaped by head.

Later last night, as I was surfing Facebook, I found myself humming it and quickly started looking up pieces on iTunes and found it: Dvorák: Symphony No. 9 - "From the New World" - a piece I had definitely played many times over my earlier music days.

As I was taking that stroll down memory lane and finding other works I had performed, I got terribly sad. I wish I hadn't given up that part of my life so easily. I've really got to find a musical outlet. I miss it so much.