Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Apple TV

As I mentioned in the last post, we have an Apple TV (Apple logotv if you're an Apple Geek) in our household. We've decided that we're going to dump our Dish Network service (unless they have a very cheap basic plan available) and just rely on iTunes and the Internet for our entertainment. I already watch old television and movies through Netflix and most of the shows I watch have episodes on the networks' sites. We could get season passes for our most favorite shows (such as The Office) and still save money by ditching the dish for now. The only problem I foresee is stuff on USA (Psych, The 4400, etc) and a few other shows.

Honestly, though, I'll probably survive just fine not seeing any of them. I'm looking for part time work in the evenings and won't have much free time anymore anyway because getting out of this mobile home is becoming an obsession. We stopped in at PetSmart to get Timothy hay for the bunnies and my heart ached seeing all the dogs and their owners. I want to be a dog owner again so bad. This is the first time in my life that nobody in my family has had a dog and I feel lost.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The End of Studio 60?

Is last night's episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip the last one I'll ever see? I can't seem to find a good answer.

Next week The Black Donnellys will premiere a week earlier than expected in the slot that held Studio 60. I'm kind of bummed, but apparently I'm one of the few that actually likes the show. Maybe it is the crush I have on Matthew Perry clouding my judgment. I do hope they find a new home in the schedule (preferably one that doesn't conflict with something else I watch or maybe earlier in the evening), but I definitely know it will not be back next season.

Leave it to NBC to put a decent show in a totally wrong time slot to doom it to failure. Studio 60 is definitely not the best choice to follow up Heroes. They have two totally different audiences and it sits opposite CSI: Miami. If NBC didn't have episodes available to watch online, I'd have never seen Studio 60 at all since it's on past my bedtime and CSI gets the precious recording slot on my PVR.

On a related note, since I'm now watching Gilmore Girls, I read some rumors about GG possibly continuing. Man, I hope that's not true. If they pull a 7th Heaven on this series, I'm going to be upset. It's really time to end this one.

EDIT: I don't know if these things have any impact on networks at all, but there is a petition you can sign to save Studio 60.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Special Christmas Box

I totally meant to post this last December and it totally slipped my mind until tonight when they replayed the Saturday Night Live episode that had Justin Timberlake as the guest/musical guest. That episode was the best SNL episode I've seen in a long time. In fact, I downloaded it from iTunes, I liked it so much. Justin is really talented and I love how he can make fun of himself. Marcus really liked the "Homelessville" sketch (I can't find it anymore to link to it-it's been removed) and quotes the danged thing all the time. The following one was my favorite (WARNING: the following video is adult content/may not be safe for work):

Monday, January 22, 2007

Formerly Addicted to Soaps

I used to have time to watch a lot of daytime soaps. Back in college I was a huge General Hospital and Young and the Restless fan. Later, I watched Another World. More recently I was really into Days of Our Lives and Passions. Now that I'm back working full time again and I no longer have the Soap channel on my dish, I've lost track of what was going on. I tried keeping up on the NBC site, but they don't really part with a lot of information and I don't really have time to stand around the grocery store reading the Soap Opera magazines, either. Now I can go to to find out the latest news and story lines. It's got all the info you could ever want about your favorite soap. The only thing that would make the site more awesome is if it had some past story line recaps and some family trees. Sometimes I lose track of who is related to whom and who was married when, etc. I was saddened to read that Passions has been cancelled. That's too bad.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ubbi Dubbi Translator

While surfing around this morning, I came across an article that a former Zoom actor, Jared Nathan, had died. I used to watch the original Zoom from the 70s all the time. This particular actor did one season when they revived the show in the late 90s. He was only only 21 and a student at Juliard in New York. How sad. When I went to his site to read a little about him, he mentioned the Ubbi Dubbi Translator. I loved the Ubbi Dubbi segments, but I could never speak it.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Rankin/Bass Equals Christmas

Heat Miser and Snow Miser Xmas OrnamentsI've been watching that Christmas show marathon on ABC Family most of today to get myself into some Christmas spirit. It's funny because Marcus has never seen most of those shows. He keeps making fun of them and of me (I cry when Nestor the Long-Eared Donkey's mother dies — "Ears, Nestor" *sob*). He was asking about whatever happened to Rankin/Bass since they were the kings of Christmas specials back in the 60s and 70s. Quite a bit of information there on the old wikipedia page. I also found the Rankin/Bass website which led me to these adorable Heat Miser/Snow Miser ornaments that I must have for my collection. The Year Without a Santa Claus comes on here shortly and I can't wait —I LOVE the Miser brothers! I dug out my Miser dolls for the occasion!

I was trying to get the lights ready so that Marcus could get them put up before he left for work. No such luck. Oh, well. It's still supposed to be nice tomorrow, too. I plugged one set in and it shorted bad. I really need to replace a lot of those light strings. I'm pretty sure the one that blew was one that had belonged to my mother. I was bummed that there wouldn't be enough sets to go around the roof, but I found a couple of sets that I had purchased on clearance at Lowes a couple of years ago. Yay! I had bought them to be replacement bulbs (since buying whole light strings, especially after Christmas, is way cheaper than buying bulbs alone.

I painted the bulbs yellow in my new tree top star last night. It looks a lot better than being plain white. I'll see if I can get a decent picture to post later. Marcus set me up a directory on the server for my craft blog. I really want to start documenting my craftiness. I installed wordpress in it and now I need to find or design a cool theme. Not a high priority right at the moment, though.

OK, I'm gonna go work on Christmas cards and popcorn garland while I watch some more Christmas shows. Then I need to make Marcus a Santa graphic for his website, decorate my tree, make my new blog, I have a lot to do today. What am I doing sitting here?

Friday, December 08, 2006

Popcorn Garland

OK, I've been crocheting away while I've been watching The Polar Express on ABC Family channel. I love that "Hot Chocolate" song from that movie. The animation is a little weird, but still a good story. I've got almost 23 feet of garland done up to this point. Yay, me!

There's a classic Christmas show marathon on ABC Family most of the day tomorrow. I'll have to check it out while I'm decorating. It's supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow, so hopefully I can get most of the outside stuff up before Marcus goes to work. Since the company Christmas party is tomorrow night (and we're not going because Marcus is Mr. Antisocial and I can't go by myself since I'm only part time), they're closing the whole place down so people can attend. They're a 24/7 operation, so the place to be totally shut down is rare. Marcus is using that time to take the networks down and do some work he's been itching to do since he started there.

I had intended on watching my Netflix DVDs early in the week so that I could have Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest here for this weekend's viewing pleasure. Oh, well.

I found a treetop star that $7 at Ace Hardware of all places. Every other one I saw around town that lit up was expensive and ugly.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stupid Satellite Regulations

This stupid ruling that made us lose our NY/LA stations is really pissing me off. I almost missed Medium tonight because I lost all my my timers when the stations went away. Fortunately CSI: New York was a repeat and I only missed the first 10 minutes of Medium, but this sucks. Thursday was always tricky even with both coasts to tape from. Looks like if I can't watch Supernatural live on the antennae, then I'll miss it totally. At least I can watch Ugly Betty on ABC's website. I really wish television would go totally "on-demand" and you could watch what you want when you want.