Friday, May 14, 2004

Fraser vs Friends Finales

I watched the Fraser finale on TV last night and I was much happier with the way they ended that series than they did Friends. The Friends finale was just plain stupid. Except for Monica and Chandler moving to the 'burbs (which really isn't that far away), everybody is still in the city. They didn't even kick off the new Joey show. I thought for sure they would've had him accepting a job in L.A. or something, since that's where the show is supposed to be set. Or Ross would follow Rachael to Paris. It was just lame. I felt so dang disappointed when that show was over. Fraser, on the other hand, left you with a feeling of one chapter closing and another opening. Maybe it was the fact that they didn't hype Fraser as much as Friends and I wasn't expecting as much. Either way, kudos to the Fraser writers for a great show.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Give Me Your Blizzard

OMG, I just saw the funniest Dairy Queen commercial for their new CheeseQuake Blizzard line. It has a guy holding a little kid in one of those front carriers and the kid is trying to take his blizzard. He's says "no, it's for daddy" and then the kid kicks him in the crotch and then head butts him in the chin. That was too funny.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Here Comes Peter Cottontail AGAIN!

When I saw the Toys 'R' Us bunny commercial on tv the other night, I knew the traffic on my site would go up from people looking for the commercial and sure enough, it did. The link from last year for the commercial is no longer valid, but a commenter provided this link if you want to go hear the bunnies sing. I did--I STILL LOVE THAT COMMERCIAL!

UPDATE 4/2/04: Due to popular demand, the creator of this commercial has put the original link back up for everyone that wants to go see the bunnies.

UPDATE 4/10/04: For those of you who want this for your own, commenter Chris is offering the commercial for download from his site. The link is Windows users right-click on the link and select "Save Target As...", Mac users either right-click or control-click on the link and select "Downlaod Linked File As..." Much as I would love to send an attached email to everybody that wants the commercial, between work and school, I just don't have the time. Sorry :(

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Hooray Beer!

Current mood: bearmood — happy amused
I was watching a little television last night as I was trying to drift off to sleep and a Red Stripe Beer commercial came on. I love the radio ads, but had never seen one on television. It was so bizarre! They were talking about stuff they were trying to sell, including this one guy's mustache. Sure enough, on the site, there are links to the items being sold on ebay! Genius! Even though I don't drink beer much, I want to go buy some Red Stripe now.