Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Project 365 #5 - Nighty Night Tea

I bought a Christmas-Branded box of this off an endcap at Whole Foods last Christmas and while it doesn't keep me out the whole night, it does help me fall asleep faster. After the box was empty, I didn't think much more about it. I came across a straggler from that box in my cupboard the other day and figured that since Christmas stuff is starting to get stocked, maybe they would have it again. Turns out, after asking a clerk about it, they have it all year long, dang it!

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Election Rants

So, the after-election rants are starting on Facebook. People claiming they can't live in a country where Republicans have the majority (I heard the same thing from the other side 2 years ago, yet here they all still live). Others acting like we're at the beginning of an apocalypse because their candidates didn't win. Here's the deal - stop giving the government that much control over your lives. Until there is a major shift in thinking in this country, it doesn't matter who wins - we all lose. Being Libertarian, my candidates rarely win. I'm hopeful that one day enough people will wake up and realize that the current 2-party political system that panders to the leeches of society (both rich and poor) is the problem.

Edited 11/5 to add:
A couple of election things that did bum me out:
1. The GMO labeling proposition failed. I guess people feel ignorance is bliss. I, for one, want to know what I'm eating. Way to fall for the scare tactics from people that profit from GMOs.
2. The Aurora pit bull ban is still in place. It's not a breed problem, it's an owner problem. I'm sorry, the only time I was ever attacked when I was delivering pizzas was by a little, yappy drop-kick dog that sank it's sharp little teeth into my Achilles tendon while I waited for the owner to go get money.
3. Hickenlooper is still Governor of Colorado.

Project 365 #4 - Mighty Ugly

I'm in a creative funk. I purchased this today at Barnes & Noble to see if I can get my creative juices flowing again - Kim Werker's "Make It Might Ugly.

Project 365 #3 - Caught Up at Work

Man, after my supervisor walked off the job a few weeks ago, I've been putting in 50-60 hour weeks and it seemed like we'd never get caught up. Today was the first day since then that the "Ready to Work" basket has been empty. Whew!

Monday, November 03, 2014


I am so freaking exhausted. Even with "falling back," this stupid time change does a number on my system.

Maria Shaw wrote on Facebook today that those born in the '60s, but especially 61-66, were going to go through a shake-up this week. I hope if I do, that something good comes of it.

Must remember to turn in my ballot tomorrow. I will be so glad to get a brief reprieve from this political bullshit.

Well, would love to post more, but I can barely type or keep my eyes open. Hopefully I'll finish the most current Supernatural episode on the CW app, and then I should be caught up to real-time.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Project 365 #2 - Fireplace Tiling

We started tiling around the fireplace at Homestead South today. Man, I hope this comes out as Marcus is envisioning it.

My Semi-Annual Time Changes Suck Post

Today we participate in that twice-yearly moronic tradition of screwing around with our body's clocks by trying to fool ourselves by adjusting the time.

There are a set amount of hours in any given day. Who cares when it is light or dark outside at any given hour? If it bothers you, change your schedule. Is it really worth the depression, accidents and lost productivity caused while people's systems try to adjust to the outcome of this nonsensical practice?

Add to that the fact that the United States decided to change when they do it a few years ago. The United Kingdom time change was last weekend. Then there are the places (like in Arizona) that refuse to participate. The whole danged thing is ludicrous.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Project 365 #1 - Wetlands Walk & NaBloPoMo 2014

Wow, not a whole lot of posts in the last year and big surprise that I didn't finish NaBloPoMo in 2013. I'm really finding it hard to write here like I used to. I was doing well on my latest Project365 attempt, and then it went into the toilet. I'm going to attempt that one final time beginning today and if I fail, I give up. Since today is November 1st, might as well try to complete National Blog Posting Month, as well.

Lots of bad stuff and good stuff happening lately. I'm going to get that chronicled here this month. I'm really having a gut feeling that something big is going to change. I don't know what (I have hopes), but it's just a really unsettled feeling.

Today I had the first relaxing day since my dept. supervisor walked off the job on Sept. 23rd (more about that later this month). I actually go to take a walk in the Jewell Wetlands with Marcus & T (sorry, he hiked to pee just as I took the picture - it's the only picture I had from today smile ).