Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Christmas/Craft Room Addition

Every year I try to add one thing to my Christmas decor and bonus if it can also double as a craft room decoration. A few weeks back (it makes me ill that I saw Christmas stuff that long ago), I was at Michaels and saw the neatest little needlework shop in the Lemax Christmas village series. I nearly had a stroke when I saw the $54.99 price tag, though. I was really disappointed until I reminded myself that there would be many sales/coupons between then and Christmas. I was getting a little irked, though, when I kept coming across 50% off one item coupons, but couldn't use them on this because the Lemax stuff was already on sale.

Imagine my hopefulness when I saw the email subject line from Michaels in my inbox this morning that said "This is One Coupon You Don't Want to Miss." SCORE! The one I was hoping would show up - 25% off total purchase, including SALE ITEMS (because Yay!, the Lemax stuff is 40% off this week, too).

So, 40% off of $54.99 brought that down to $32.99. The additional 25% off brought it down to $24.75. With tax, $26.63. I probably can't beat that and still be able to find one in stock.

It's going to stay in the box until I get up to South Dakota again the week of Thanksgiving. Hoping its all in one piece and the light works. smile

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Perfect Shirt for How I’m Feeling About This Hoiday Season

I was doing my usual surfing today and since I've purchased shirts from The Mountain, I get targeted ads for them on a lot of pages that I visit. I keep seeing ones about their new holiday shirts, but I've been ignoring them (since I'm kind of anti-Early Christmas). When one shirt caught my eye in my Facebook feed, though, I decided to click over and I saw a shirt I just have to get! Of course, they are currently out of my size, so I left on note on their wall asking if they would be getting it back in stock any time soon.

BEHOLD - Grumpenezer Scrooge!

ETA 11/11/13 11:37pm: The Mountain page admin left a comment on my post this morning that shirts were back in stock - one is on its way!

Friday, November 08, 2013

Too Soon!

I'm going to get a little Grinchy here.

Marcus called and asked me to stop by the store on my way home from work tonight to get him some Honest Teas as he had no beverage with which to partake during his Teamhousewares Golf tournament. As I got out of my car and headed towards the entrance, this is what I saw:

WTF, man? Throughout the whole store, it was already a Christmas wonderland. You retailers want to know why you're having a harder time each year with holiday sales? You're making people weary of it. Instead of the wonder of the season you could experience because it should be short-lived, you're hammered with Christmas almost half the year now. By the time December 25th finally rolls around, people are so sick of Christmas that it becomes an ordeal to get through. I can almost understand Hobby Lobby putting stuff out for people who do craft fairs, but all the home decorating stuff can stay in the warehouse until Thanksgiving.

I even saw something in my Facebook feed from 9News that said Santa was already visiting Cherry Creek mall. Too freaking soon, people! Santa makes his entrance on Thanksgiving morning at the Macy's parade.

Let's get back to making the season special by only having it in your face for a single month of the year.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Pondering My Life

Marcus has said a couple of things to me recently in conversations we have had (I'm not going to say what exactly), that really has me taking a hard look at why I live the way I do. My whole life I have tried to be the good girl and do what I'm supposed to do. Meanwhile, people all around me get away with pulling all kinds of crap with no real repercussions. I also believed for so long that what I really wanted didn't matter, so why bother? I've been living so long trying to be what I thought I was supposed to be, that I never really figured out what I want. There was a conversation on the radio the other day about what would you do with your life if money was not a concern. Sadly, I really don't know what I want. I have a lot of interests, but I don't have a true passion for anything. I think one of the reasons I get so angry all the time is that I'm frustrated with my life and I don't know what to do about it. It may also be part of why I procrastinate so much, as well. I put everything off because nothing feels genuine.

I used to watch Steve Jobs do his Apple keynotes and be so envious of the excitement he had for what he did. I've been trying to meditate to get through the mental clutter to see if I can find that thing that is my reason for being. I'm just so tired of going through the motions of living with nothing to show for it.

A couple of my co-workers recently have had health scares (one had to have a hysterectomy, another waiting for test results to see if she has cancer), which has also got me wanting to get more out of the time I have left. I'm less than 5 years away from the age Mom was when she passed. While it is true that I eat better and don't smoke like she did, that nagging fear that I'll die early like she did is always in the back of my mind. I was looking at my 101 in 1001 page yesterday to see all the things I want to do, yet I never make time for. I also was blown away looking at some of my past blog posts and seeing that I have the same issues year after year after year. I've got to stop making excuses and rationales for why my life isn't the way I want and start finding ways to make things happen. This stagnation thing really sucks.

Anyway, here's one of my favorite Job's quotes -

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

On Going Home

When Marcus and I go to the homestead in Keystone, we refer to it as "going home." I put my Facebook status something like, "It is so good to be home." It amazes me how many people want to tramp on that.

Your home is where you can be you, where you feel comfortable, where you can just be. To us, that's the house in South Dakota. We've lived in that structure for over 12 years. Many things have happened within those walls, both good and bad. It's where we feel we belong. The old saying "Home is where your heart is" rings true, our hearts are up there.

The place we're staying now (the Suckpartment, as Marcus has dubbed it), is just that - the place we're staying now. We can't relax here with the noise and the neighbors. We don't feel at ease here. We have just the bare minimum of our things here. Simple things like preparing a meal or doing laundry totally suck. The Denver area itself is too freaking crowded. More and more people flood this stupid area every day. The traffic is unbearable - I used to love to drive around, now it is a hated chore. I can't even walk the dog around here without him finding food people have thrown on the ground or being chased by untrained children (my mother taught me never to approach a strange dog without permission from the owner).

I can't wait for the day that Marcus and I pack up that final moving truck and leave Denver behind. I really hope that day is soon.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Daylight Savings and Depression

OK, here I go with my rant about how I hate the whole Daylight Savings concept.

I often wondered if there have ever been any studies done on how mucking around with time affects those with depression, especially with the fall change. While I didn't delve deep enough to find any actual studies, there are plenty of articles written about it. I found this article that suggests sitting in front of a light box. Maybe I should do that, because today was really bad for me.

It's bad enough that I was dealing with a pinched neck nerve or something that hadn't let me sleep on top of the usual stupidity that happens at work, but I was so freaking depressed that I couldn't concentrate on my work. I even contemplated quitting and walking out.

I wish we would just stop this DST nonsense. An hour isn't enough to be of benefit in this technological age, but it sure is enough to screw things up.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Short and Sweet

Just a few thoughts because I got back from South Dakota and I'm exhausted:

  • Daylight Savings Time sucks balls

  • Driving through Wyoming sucks balls

  • Pinched nerves in your neck, especially when you're on a road trip, sucks balls

  • Denver Metro sucks balls

  • Having to go back to work after any sort of vacation sucks balls

  • Broken computers sucks balls

I think you can see where I'm going. G'night.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Cross-Stitching Fever

I've caught my stitching bug again. I haven't been very crafty at all the last 2 years, but lately I've dug out the cross stitch stuff and when I can tear myself away from the Facebook groups and Ravelry Cross Stitch group, I have been getting some stitching done.

I have been going more frequently to a cute shop in Littleton called Fancimats & More. The owner, Cindy, is such a doll. I love that I can request something from her on Facebook and if she can get it in, she'll give me a call to come get it when it arrives. I really try to support her locally if I can because I really want her to be around a long time. I was so bummed when the needlework shop I went to in Aurora went out of business. I found her one day when I was still in my knitting obsession as her shop in located right next door to a yarn shop.

I've become hooked on Lizzie Kate charts at the moment. I've got several in my queue to do. I finished the one called "Dogs Leave Paw Prints" twice. The first time, I stitched on it off and on for over a year. When I went to wash the blue disappearing ink pen out of it that I had used to grid the fabric, they turned into dark brown lines. I was so bummed as nothing I did would make them disappear. Lesson learned - I'm only gridding with fishing line or some kind of threat (metallics work well). The second one worked up more quickly. Anyway, there are always cute little boxes done up all over Fancimats and I kept asking the owner if she was going to have a class on them, but one never happened. I finally asked someone on a Facebook group for instructions on how she finished hers and combined with a couple of other tutorials I finally found online - I came up with this. Mr. T was not particularly happy that I made him pose with it, though. smile

I'm currently finishing up a crafting Santa from Prairie Schooler's Santa series. Here's my progress as of 10/26. I had planned to finish it up this weekend while we were home, but alas, such was not meant to be. I got this week's Team Housewares tournament poster done instead, so that's cool. Maybe by next weekend it will be finished.

I'm also about halfway done with my ruffled scarf I've been knitting. I was really hoping that would be done before winter set in, but I have totally lost my knitting bug.

OK, that's it for an update on my current crafting projects. I'm going to go try to read in bed for a bit before I conk out. Time changes always kick my butt. Sadly, we have to go back to Denver tomorrow. Really not looking forward to that.