Monday, November 10, 2014

Project 365 #10 - Cold Night

When I went to work this morning, the temp was around 65°F - by the time I got home and took the dog out for his walk, it was 16°F, according to the display on the hotel across the highway. Mr. T probably didn't need it, but I broke out his coat.

Day of Panic Attacks

Man, I had 2 major panic attacks today.

First, I stopped at Whole Foods on the way to work and my debit card was declined. I had checked the balance this morning to see what purchases I had made with the PayPal card had cleared and there was money in my account. I got to work and logged into the bank website to see the card number was different and not active. Um, Ok...there was no message in my inbox, just notifications about bank statements ready to be downloaded. I started to call the bank, but figured I had better check through the big pile of crap on my desk first. Sure enough, there was a new card mixed in with political crap. Whew.

The 2nd one happened after I called tech support to find a solution to an issue I was having with our mail sorting software. The guy told me to make sure I copied this one file so that if things went wrong, I could put it back. The main problem is that we run our software on a remote server, not individual installations like they want you to do. Me trying to work with this file while everybody else was working corrupted it and I couldn't get it back in. I had a major panic attack and had visions of being fired, not to mention crippling the mailing department. Good thing Marcus has a cooler head than I and managed to get it fixed. Whew.

The Polar Vortex sank into the United States today and Marcus is having a panic attack of his own. The guy that Marcus hired to install the heater for our water tank/pump hasn't showed up to install it and he's panicking about all of our stuff freezing up like last year. He claims he'll be there tomorrow - I hope it is not too late.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Project 365 #9 - Cornered Rabbit

Marcus was walking Mr. T around the parking lot at the Bed, Bath & Beyond on Chambers/Parker while I went inside to get a heated mattress pad for Homestead North. When I came out, I heard the most horrible dog screeching and knew it was Mr. T. I got over to where they were and they had a rabbit cornered in a drainage thing. It's hard to tell, but that's a bunny behind all those leaves.

I Learned Something New Today

When I upgraded to Expression Engine 2 awhile back, several of my plugins broke. One of them was the music player I had to embed mp3s into my blog posts. It was cool, except that it used flash. When I was deleting paid posts, I realized that broken player made their posts error out. I was browsing the EE forums looking for a solution when I saw a mention about using HTML 5. I asked Marcus about it and he showed me what I needed to do to make that work. I got bummed out when I realized how out of touch I've become with web coding (I've basically stopped coding since I started my current job 8 years ago). Marcus suggested a book to read, so I'm itching to learn more. I used to be really good at this stuff, I really want to be again.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Project 365 #8 - New Shower Head

Marcus got us a new shower head for Homestead South. When you have a dog that insists on rolling in things like dead raccoons, you need one that can act as a sprayer.

Panic Attacks

Even though it is only Saturday night, here I am having a panic attack at the thought of returning to work on Monday. I'm trying to be grateful this all happened as it has been a wake-up call of how little I'm valued despite having my 8th anniversary with that company just yesterday. I know better things are out there, I just have to stay calm before I do something stupid - I have a hard time biting my tongue.

On a better note, I've been purging my blog of paid posts. It feels good every time I select a few and hit delete. It's definitely going to take a while, though. It'll be nice to finally stop getting those stupid emails of companies trying to clean up their Google rankings.

Funny to think that these posts are what was supporting me back when I got my current job. This job was also only supposed to be fore a year while I got my crap together to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I let a steady paycheck make me complacent even though I've been miserable almost the whole dang time I've worked there.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Project 365 #7 - Frambozen is Back!

After the day I had, I needed a drink. I checked the beerfinder on New Belgium's website and it said that a relatively close store had my most favorite beer ever, Frambozen. Yay, they did! I'm having one right now. Looks like I'm going to be hitting a few liquor stores this weekend to hoard some as this stuff is only out a VERY SHORT time. I was bummed last year that by Thanksgiving, I couldn't find it anymore. Not happening this year.

Shit Hit the Fan

So, I was put in my place at work today. Wish I could post details, but I can't. Job hunting has started in earnest. I'm going to probably have to take a major pay cut, but at least I'll be in South Dakota and can focus on starting my own side business that will hopefully eventually become my sole source of support.

The freaky thing was reading Maria Shaw's Starscopes Newsletter when I got home:

Mars will conjunct Pluto bringing some very intense power struggles and energy to the surface November 10 to the 14th. You could really feel like blowing off some steam. People, who have been getting on your nerves, will now push you too far. But it is a great time to get moving in a new direction and these energies may help you on a new path.
November 12th brings a harsh and challenging aspect from Pluto and Uranus. Something out of the blue may unfold that forces you to choose a different path than you are already on. Expect the unexpected this week. This will be an interesting day because Saturn will also meet Venus and this can either bond a relationship or create an ending of some kind. If a relationship's foundation is shaky, it could crumble under this influence.

So, yeah...this coming week is going to be rough, but necessary to get me off the dead-end path I'm on and hopefully onto a better one.