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Jun 2009

Posted by LaDonna on 06/28/09 at 04:02 PM
Goal Number: 14 ♦ Goal Status: Completed
Yay, Marcus and I just got back from a week's vacation — to someplace other than Tennessee!

We left last Saturday, June 20th, and traveled to North and South Dakota. We got back very early in the morning yesterday. We promised people at work that we'd be back in time for Mary Kay's retirement party Saturday evening on the 27th. When I get a little bit of time, I'll post details of the trip.

08/2009 - OK, apparently I'm never going to get around to writing a post. Marcus did, though. You can read about our trip over on his site. Scroll down a bit, he wrote 3 different posts last month.

Posted by LaDonna on 06/28/09 at 04:02 PM
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